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Cheshire Elementary

Olentangy's Board of Education has approved the addition of one 6-classroom modular which will be installed at the northwest corner of Cheshire Elementary to create additional learning space for the school’s growing enrollment. Cheshire Elementary currently has around 750 students enrolled at the school, with students in the attendance boundary overflowing to Shale Meadows Elementary. Next school year, with the addition of the modular, there will be approximately 850 students enrolled at Cheshire Elementary. 

Q: When will the modulars be constructed? 
A: During the summer of 2023, prior to August 1. 

Q: What students will be in classes in the modular?
A: We intend to have fifth grade classes held in the modular. It is not yet determined if classes from other grades will be placed in the modular as well. 

Q: How is safety being considered with the modular?
A: Safety is a top priority. The modular will be fenced, and the walkway area will be contained in the same way the playground is.  There will be a designated fenced walkway connecting the modular to the school. All exterior doors will be locked down. The modular classrooms will receive all building PA announcements. Fire safety officials will ensure that everything is to code. Students will transition into the building for tornado drills. 

Q: Will the walkway connecting the modular to the school be covered?
A: Yes, a canopy will be installed to protect those using the walkway from rain and snow. 

Q: Will the modular have plumbing?
A: No, there will be no plumbing as it is a temporary structure. Students and staff will have access to the regular restrooms inside the school building. 

Q: Are class sizes going to be larger than normal?
A: Cheshire Elementary will continue to follow the district student to teacher ratios for class sizes that all schools follow. 

Q: How will lunches be impacted?
A: The lunch schedule will remain similar to previous years. Students will eat with their grade level. 

Q: How will electives be impacted?
A: Students will receive the same elective offerings as students in other elementary schools around the district and all courses will be taught by teachers licensed to teach in Olentangy. Sometimes elective courses may occur in traditional classrooms instead of the traditional room designed for the elective. 

Q: Is Y Club going to expand to accommodate more students?
A: Y Club will need to work with their licensing agency to add additional teachers. Y Club will keep the Cheshire community informed of developments.